Three groups lead the guidance and management of the Safety Center: the team, the technical panel, and the stakeholder group.

Our Team

Team members provide the day-to-day operations, administration and management of the Safety Center.

Our team members include:

Collection of Rural Safety Center partner logos. Montana State University, Western Transportation Institute, Cambridge Systematics, Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation, Bubar and Hall Consulting, llc, IDT group, Iowa State University - Institute for Transportation and Local Technical Assistance Programs (Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and New Jersey)

Technical Panel

The technical panel’s role is to lend their expertise to the creation and enhancement of the Safety Center. The technical panel is comprised of all areas of FHWA with a rural safety role.

The technical panel is comprised of representatives from:

Stakeholder Group

Members of the stakeholder group provide the Safety Center with real world, practitioner experience and insight at the state and local level. The stakeholders were selected with geographic diversity in mind, as well as a range of knowledge that complements the expertise already provided on our team and technical panel. The stakeholder group represents the 4E’s, local, state, LTAP and TTAP.

The stakeholder group representatives* include:

To read more about individual stakeholders, please view our Safety Career Pathway Spotlights.

Roles and responsibilities of the stakeholder group include:

*David Brand (Madison County, OH), Byron Bluehorse (previously Alaska TTAP), Karla Sisco (previously Oklahoma TTAP), David Sleet (previously CDC), and Marie Walsh (previously LA LTAP) were founding members of the Safety Center’s Stakeholder Group.