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A Champion's Guidebook to Saving Lives

Strategic Highway Safety Plans


This document reviews the basic principles and important considerations concerning the development, implementation, and evaluation of a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). It is intended as a resource for States to consult during examination of their SHSP process, as well during SHSP updates. It is also a valuable reference for professionals new to safety and planning or newly involved in the SHSP process.

This document addresses the SHSP fundamentals of champions, leadership, organizational structure, safety partners, and collaboration; data collection and analysis; content; preparation (of document); and implementation and evaluation. The original Champion’s Guide published in April 2006, provided guidance to States as they developed their first SHSPs. This revised second edition, while not guidance, is consistent with current legislation and builds upon more than five years of States’ experiences implementing SHSPs. It is designed to encourage practitioners to revisit their SHSP with effective practices and processes in mind, and includes a helpful checklist at the end of each chapter with recommended steps for achieving these standards. The document concludes with a list of additional tools and references.