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Call for Posters – How to Make Rural Roads Safe for Everyone

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The National Center for Rural Road Safety invites students, researchers, and professionals to apply to present at a unique virtual poster session entitled How to Make Rural Roads Safe for Everyone.

In 2019, there were approximately 38,800 motor vehicle fatalities.[1] While we know that every demographic is affected, there are some groups that are more frequently affected than others, for example: young people (15-24 years old), men, and rural road users.[2] In addition, American Indians are disproportionately affected by motor vehicle crashes; they are one and a half times more likely to die in a crash than whites or blacks.[3] We also know that rural pedestrian crashes are nearly 2x as likely to result in fatality as an urban crash of like type and rural bicycle crashes are 3x as likely.[4] According to Vision Zero, low-income folks are twice as likely to be killed while walking compared to high income folks and African American and Latino children are 50% and 40% more likely (respectively) to be killed while walking compared to white children.[5] Fatality rates for people bicycling are 23% higher for Latinos than whites, and 30% higher for African Americans than whites.[6]

Poster Topics

The theme for this poster session was purposely left broad to allow for a wide range of potential poster topics. We invite you to talk about everything rural road safety from research to evaluations to deployment to innovative techniques. Topics could include, but are certainly not limited to,

  • noteworthy practices on the road to zero,
  • safe road users,
  • safe vehicles,
  • safe speeds,
  • safe roads,
  • post crash care, and
  • inequities/disparities in road safety, especially having to do with rural settings.

Poster Session Details

The How to Make Rural Roads Safe for Everyone Poster Session will be held during the 3rd National Summit on Rural Road Safety on Thursday, October 1, 2020 from 12:55 – 1:55 pm Central Time.

The poster session will be held on the CrowdComms virtual platform. The format includes participants being able to watch a 3-5-minute pre-recorded videos of the poster author providing a high-level overview of their poster. Following the videos, participants can then participate in a “coffee talk” with the authors to ask questions and further discuss the topic.

Poster Session Requirements

Posters should be created on PowerPoint and must be 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 landscape). 11-12 pt. sans-serif font should be used. Presenters will also record a 3-5 minute high-level overview of their poster that participants will listen to while viewing their poster. The recording should be similar to what a presenter would say in an in-person poster session.

Further instructions and examples for both the poster and the recording will be provided if you are selected to participate in the poster session.

Poster Session Submission

To apply for participation in this unique poster session, please submit a poster title and one paragraph abstract of your poster topic.  Poster abstracts are due to Jaime Sullivan at by Friday. August 14th. Questions can be sent to Jaime Sullivan at or (406) 994-7368.[1],2%25%20decrease%20over%202018%20figures.

Looking for something in particular? Use this search box to find more information.

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