Road Safety Champion Program logo including 5 pictures of various rural roads and the logos for the 4 agencies that established the program

Date and Location

In light of the National Association of County Engineers (NACE) Annual Meeting being cancelled, NACE and the Rural Safety Center hosted a number of virtual training opportunities during the week of May 26th. Attendees were able to select the number of trainings they would like to attend.


The event was offered free to NACE members and NLTAPA trainers who would be interested in administering this certificate program to their constituents.

Virtual Training Event Description

The virtual training event served as a second pilot for the new Road Safety Champion Program, a certificate program designed to improve the safety training of those responsible for operating, maintaining, designing, and enforcing local roads. 

During this week long event, 4 courses towards the Road Safety Champion Program certificate were offered on varying days and times. Attendees could select the number of trainings they would like to attend. 

Courses Offered

During this workshop, the following RSCP courses were offered: