Banner for the MT pilot and Train the Trainer

Date and Location

The workshop took place March 3-4, 2020 in Missoula, Montana. Registration was free and invitational travel scholarships were available through the Rural Safety Center for MT LTAP partners including counties and cities throughout Montana. 


The event was open to MT LTAP partners including counties and cities throughout Montana who have an interest in or responsibility for roadway safety issues, National Association of County Engineers board members, and trainers who would be interested in administering this certificate program to their constituents.

Workshop Description

The workshop served as the launch for the new Road Safety Champion Program, a certificate program designed to improve the safety training of those responsible for operating, maintaining, designing, and enforcing local roads. 

The workshop included 4 classes towards the Road Safety Champion Program certificate for all attendees. Additionally, the workshop included train the trainer office hours for participants from training organizations that may wish to replicate this program for their constituents.

Courses Offered

During this workshop, the following RSCP courses were offered: