Rural Road Safety Awarness Week Banner with logo and date - September 28-October 2, 2020

As a rural safety advocate, the Rural Safety Center used its voice to raise national awareness of rural safety by hosting the inaugural Rural Road Safety Awareness Week (RRSAW) on September 28-October 2, 2020.

Daily ThemesRural Road Safety Awareness Week 2020. The "Rural story" told through daily themes. Themes include, defining rurul, Rural Safety Champions and Rural Safety Culture.

The purpose of RRSAW 2020 was to promote rural road safety to the public, community leaders, and potential partners by telling the “rural story.” The week shined a light on the unique safety risks faced by rural road users, progress towards addressing these challenges, and solutions that are making a difference on the Rural Road to Zero fatalities and serious injuries. The “rural story” was told through daily themes including:


RRSAW 2020 was a social media driven campaign held in conjunction with the Rural Safety Center’s Rural Road to Zero Virtual Summit. Through RRSAW 2020, the Rural Safety Center and its partners shared social media posts, infographics and videos using the hashtags #RuralRoadSafety and #RRSAW2020. 

Post options and graphics created by the Rural Safety Center for use can be downloaded below: