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2015 National Roadway Safety Awards Noteworthy Practices Guide


It is an honor to formally recognize the extraordinary achievements of those selected for the 2015 National Roadway Safety Awards. The individuals, groups, and agencies participating in this program have shown a commitment to eliminating fatalities and serious injuries on the nation’s roadways. This guidebook showcases each of the 2015 National Roadway Safety Award winners.

Awards were conferred in two categories: Infrastructure and Operational Improvements and Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation. Each entry was carefully evaluated for innovation, effectiveness, and efficient use of resources. This year’s recipients have reduced lane departure, wet weather-related, speeding-related, and wrong-way fatalities and crashes; improved lighting for pedestrians at intersections and transit stops; implemented analysis methods and software to more fully incorporate safety in departmental functions; implemented programs to efficiently apply limited funding toward the high-priority needs; and improved safety and mobility for aging populations.

The Federal Highway Administration and the Roadway Safety Foundation have jointly sponsored this national awards program since 1998. Our enduring partnership will continue to foster innovative and life-saving measures to help make our Nation’s roadways safer. This program provides the opportunity to recognize and share innovative roadway safety practices.

Congratulations to all of the 2015 National Roadway Safety Awards winners!