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Cost Effective Local Road Safety Planning and Implementation


The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) and the National Association of County Engineers (NACE) have partnered to develop such a guide for local officials that will serve as an easy-to-read resource and reference on roadway infrastructure safety. This publication, Cost Effective Local Road Safety Planning and Implementation, is the result of that partnership. The focus of this work has been on local roads (i.e. county and smaller rural community roads), but the approaches and solutions presented are often just as transferable to urban areas. Of course, engineering judgment should be used in all cases when employing the material presented in this document.

The information provided in this document is not only for reference, it is also intended to aid in implementation. By identifying where issues exist and implementing low cost safety solutions, a jurisdiction can contribute to the overall improvement of safety of the roadway network from the local level. It is hoped that the approaches and countermeasures presented in this document are sufficiently low cost so that they can be considered by local jurisdictions regardless of the level of funding that may be available.