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FoRRRwD on All Public Roads: Funding and Data to Identify Projects

April 2020 Webinar

Availability Status: Archived

  • Created: Thursday April 16th, 2020
  • Source: Champaign County, Ohio, Federal Highway Administration, Johnson County, Iowa, North Dakota Department of Transportation
  • Publishing Organization: National Center for Rural Road Safety, National Local Technical Assistance Program Association, Federal Highway Administration
  • Topic: Education, EMS, Enforcement, Engineering, Road, Road User, Safety Culture
  • Sub-Topic: Crash Records, Road Departure, Safety Data, Safety Plans
  • Skill Level: Basic, Intermediate
  • Sector: Local, State, Federal
  • Profession: Engineers, Enforcement, Planners, Policy makers
  • Training Format: Training Webinar
  • Duration: 1.5 Hours

Description/Learning Outcomes:

Rural roadway departures make up a third of U.S. traffic fatalities—about 30 people a day. The Every Day Counts round five (EDC-5) initiative, Focus on Reducing Rural Roadway Departures (FoRRRwD), features four pillars: Addressing All Public Roads, Systemic Approach, Safety Action Plans, and Proven Countermeasures. This webinar focused on the first pillar.

Rural Agencies and Tribes, learned what you can do, where you are, with what you have, to reduce rural roadway departures. You can make a difference! Speakers and Topics covered included:

  • Stephen McCall, Champaign County, Ohio, will discuss how Champaign County initiated partnerships with Ohio DOT and other stakeholders to review safety data on all public roads within the boundaries of their county, resulting in the development of activities and projects that fed into their local road safety plan (LRSP).
  • Greg Parker, Johnson County, Iowa, will discuss how Johnson County has been proactive in evaluating their safety data to identify projects and partnering with Iowa DOT to reduce rural roadway departure crashes on all public roads.
  • Bryon Fuchs, North Dakota DOT, will discuss funding the LRSP, sharing HSIP funds with local agencies, and moving forward with projects from the LRSP.

This webinar was free and open to anyone who is interested. It was co-sponsored by the EDC-5 FoRRRwD group, the NLTAPA Safety Committee, and the National Center for Rural Road Safety.