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Implementing the High Risk Rural Roads Program


This report documents common challenges, noteworthy practices and lessons learned experienced through the implementation of the High Risk Rural Roads Program. After 4 years of the High Risk Rural Roads Program (HRRRP), the overall obligation rate for the program has remained low. Given the HRRRP potential to improve rural road safety, this has been a major concern to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), proponents, and stakeholders of the program. FHWA embarked on a research project to identify the challenges the States faced in implementing their HRRRP as well as any lessons learned and noteworthy practices to share with other States.

By documenting and sharing these practices other States will gain insights as to how they can advance their programs. States can use these documented practices to launch their HRRRPs, identify next steps for a program already moving forward, or implement noteworthy practices to improve an established program. Implementing the HRRRP can make a real difference in rural road safety, and the complexity of implementing the program should not inhibit States in their pursuit of improved safety on rural roads.