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Intersection Safety Strategies


This FHWA guide provides safety strategies for both signalized and Unsignalized intersections. The strategies are ranked by cost (low, moderate, moderate-high, and high), as well as, divided into safety categories.

For signalized intersections categories include:

  • Reduce frequency and severity of intersection  conflicts through traffic control and operational improvements
  • Reduce intersection conflicts through geometric improvements
  • Improve sight distance at signalized intersections
  • Improve driver awareness of intersections and signal control
  • Improve driver compliance with traffic control devices
  • Improve access management near signalized intersections
  • Improve safety through other infrastructure treatments

 For Unsignalized intersections categories include:

  • Improve management of access
  • Reduce conflicts through geometric design improvements
  • Improve sight distance
  • Improve availability of gaps and assist drivers in judging gaps
  • Improve driver awareness
  • Choose appropriate intersection traffic control
  • Improve compliance with traffic control devices and traffic laws
  • Reduce operating speeds
  • Guide motorists more effectively