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Mayors' Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets


In January 2015, Secretary Foxx challenged community leaders to raise the bar for bicyclist and pedestrian safety by joining the Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets effort. In March 2015, the USDOT and cities from across the nation launched the Challenge during the first Mayors’ Summit for Safer People, Safer Streets at the USDOT headquarters in Washington, DC.
Mayors and other elected city officials participate by leading a call to action and forming a local action team to advance safety and accessibility goals by taking on one or more Challenge activities outlined below. USDOT offers forums, webinars, and resources to help Challenge Cities accomplish their Challenge activity goals. The Challenge is based on the 2010 USDOT Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation, and has helped inform the Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation.
This website provides background information, resources, awards, and success stories.