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North American Conference on Elderly Mobility Noteworthy Practices Guide

  • Posted: Saturday September 5th, 2015
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  • Topic: Road User
  • Sub-Topic: Aging Road User


The Office of Safety is committed to providing a safe environment for older road users, including drivers and pedestrians. Practitioners need to consider differences in vision, fitness and flexibility, and reaction time when designing for older drivers and pedestrians. The Office of Safety’s Older Road User program addresses the engineering aspects of highway safety.


It is increasingly important to account for the safety and needs of older adults in our transportation system as the population ages. The North American Conference on Elderly Mobility (NACEM) was held May 11-14, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan and featured best practices in older adult mobility and highlighted new developments since the conference was first held in 2004.

This guide showcases national and international noteworthy practices presented during each conference track: infrastructure and vehicles; driver screening and assessment; driver education and training; alternative transportation, mobility management, and coordination; and housing and land use. The agencies and organizations featured in this guide have significantly improved the safety and mobility of our older population through the use of various techniques and programs that can be replicated nationwide.