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T-Force Toolkit: Increasing Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement


For a variety of reasons, routine traffic stops with large trucks and buses occur significantly less than traffic stops with passenger vehicles. Considering the detrimental effects of these crashes, it is critical that we incorporate truck/bus traffic enforcement into existing highway safety activities.

With this growing issue in mind, the University of Massachusetts Traffic Safety Research Program (UMassSafe) developed T-Force, Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Toolkit, providing a free one stop shopping tool for resources geared toward traffic patrol officers.  T-Force is a three-part program with a goal of increasing the enforcement of moving violations such as speeding and lane violations.  Different than programs aiming to inform specialized Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) officers, this information is intended for a wider audience, particularly officers conducting regular traffic enforcement.  The T-Force Toolkit is comprised of three main sections; including Fast Facts, Instructors Portal with classroom curriculum and Web Resources.