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Traffic Safety in the New Millennium: Strategies for Law Enforcement


Traffic safety programs form an integral component of the effective, comprehensive law enforcement operation.  Unfortunately, not all law enforcement executives recognize this important fact. Other law enforcement issues constantly compete with traffic safety for law enforcement’s attention, and too often traffic safety initiatives take a “back seat” to what are perceived as more important programs. Violent crime, gang violence and the proliferation of illegal narcotics are matters that, to many police executives, far outweigh the need to dedicate time to proactive traffic safety. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many successful traffic safety initiatives have resulted not only in reductions in crashes, but in additional positive results that benefit our communities in many areas.

As one might expect, there are many approaches to traffic safety presently taken by law enforcement in the United States. As we enter the new millennium, emerging trends and new technology will be of the utmost importance. This document will serve as a guidebook for law enforcement executives and their organizations; it will catalog effective strategies and address promising practices for the future.

This document addresses elements and core components in human resources, management and technology issues, with a focus on effective traffic safety strategies. These individual strategies discuss background information, possible actions, benefits, and other considerations. The information contained in this document deals with both proven strategies and promising initiatives for the future.