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Unpaving Guide

February 2020 Webinar

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  • Created: Tuesday February 18th, 2020
  • Source: Western Transportation Institute, University of California Davis
  • Publishing Organization: National Center for Rural Road Safety
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Description/Learning Outcomes:

The National Center for Rural Road Safety (Rural Safety Center) hosted a FREE, 1.5-hour online webinar. 

Webinar Description
This webinar featured information on converting distressed paved roads to engineered unpaved roads. Information was shared on how to identify a candidate road for unpaving, how to conduct a road investigation, unpaved road design considerations, specific information on converting roads from paved to unpaved, lifecycle cost information and tools, and information and tools to aid in communicating unpaving with the public. 

Webinar Outcomes
At the conclusion of this webinar, participants were able to:

  • Identify poorly performing paved roads that are candidates for conversion to an unpaved surface.
  • Compare maintenance and surfacing options to make the best decision for your agency.
  • Convert a distressed paved road to an engineered unpaved road.

Target Audience
This training was directed towards a very broad safety audience including, but not limited to, law enforcement, planners, engineers, first responders, elected officials, public health, tourism agencies, and safety culture experts. Participants had some basic familiarity with transportation safety.

Course Presenters

  • Dave Jones, University of California
    David is the Associate Director of the University of California Pavement Research Center at UC Davis.  He also Chairs the Transportation Research Board’s Standing Committee on Low Volume Roads.
  • Laura Fay, Western Transportation Institute
    Laura is a Research Scientist at the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University, and Program Manager for the Cold Climate Operations & Systems and Infrastructure Longevity & Sustainability research groups.