Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving occurs when an individual deliberately commits unsafe driving actions that endanger other people or property and increase the risk of a crash. Aggressive driving is not just an urban issue, it is also found in rural areas. Some examples include: red light running, speeding, tailgating, unsafe passing, and failure to obey traffic control devices.

This section provides resources for defining aggressive driving, methods to combat it, and examples of enforcement programs.

Research Report

2015 Traffic Safety Culture Index

“This report presents the methods for the AAA Foundation’s eighth annual Traffic Safety Culture Index (a nationally representative survey, to begin to a ... [ Read More » ]


Traffic Safety Marketing

This website is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s communication resource for States, partner organizations, and highway safety profess ... [ Read More » ]


Fact Sheet

Local and Rural Road Safety Briefing Sheets: Behavioral Safety Strategies for Drivers on Rural Roads

This document describes the types of risky driving behaviors evident in rural areas and presents a summary of strategies that can be used to address these behav ... [ Read More » ]

Technical Guide/Manual

Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Volume 1: A Guide for Addressing Aggressive-Driving Conditions

“Aggressive driving” is operating a motor vehicle in a selfish, pushy, or impatient manner, often unsafely, that directly affects other drivers. In many cas ... [ Read More » ]