Road Departure

Road departure countermeasures are used to decrease the risk of vehicles leaving their lane (or the road in general) and to minimize the consequences in the event that they do. These consequences include head-on crashes, run-off-the-road crashes, crashes with trees, and crashes with other road users. Some examples of countermeasures include rumble strips, enhanced pavement markings, widening shoulders, and establishing clear zones. These efforts are especially important in rural areas due to the high number of run-off-the road fatalities.

This section provides resources on road departure and potential safety countermeasures.


Staying in the Lane

Posted on Monday November 26th, 2018

Rural road safety is often highlighted as a major safety issue since nearly 50% of traffic fatalities occur on rural road networks, even though only 19% of the US population lives in rural areas. A lesser known s ...

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Research Report


Fact Sheet

Technical Guide/Manual

Motorcycle Road Safety Audit Case Studies

“Road Safety Audits (RSAs) are a formal safety performance examination of an existing or future roadway or off-road facility and are conducted by an indep ... [ Read More » ]


Fact Sheet

Technical Guide/Manual

2015 National Roadway Safety Awards Noteworthy Practices Guide

It is an honor to formally recognize the extraordinary achievements of those selected for the 2015 National Roadway Safety Awards. The individuals, groups, and ... [ Read More » ]


Technical Guide/Manual

Manual for Selecting Safety Improvements on High Risk Rural Roads

This manual provides information on the costs and benefits of safety treatments on high-risk rural roads (HRRR). Agencies can use this manual to determine the f ... [ Read More » ]


Influence of Roadway Surface Discontinuities on Safety

“As the commitment to improve highway safety emerged in the late 1960s and the philosophy of safer roadsides and clear zones took hold nationally there we ... [ Read More » ]