Distracted Driving Fall Driving

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Pokèmon?

As if there were not enough concerns about cell phones and their connection to distracted driving and distracted walking, we now have the Pokèmon Go game thrown into the mix. The game, which uses an augmented reality, has players searching for virtual animated creatures that are superimposed over a real world view on their smartphones. Since the basis for the game puts players on a mobile hunt of sorts, that means players are walking and driving around trying to find the Pokèmon.

Common sense should remind us to pay attention to where we are going when walking, and certainly not to be using any hand held electronic device when driving; however, in the short time since Pokèmon Go has been released, there are numerous reports of accidents caused by inattentive drivers and pedestrians on the trail of these digital creatures. In fact, there have been so many incidents that police departments are issuing public safety warnings in response.

Even the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is alarmed, having issued a “Digital Deadwalker” campaign to get pedestrians to heed warnings and look where they are going and not at their phone screens.


Distracted Driving Fall Driving