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Are you interested in Tribal Transportation Safety? You can help…

The Tribal Transportation Safety Management System Steering Committee is currently developing a national tribal transportation strategic safety plan. The plan will provide analysis of existing safety data and highlight contributing factors involved in crashes in Tribal areas. Further, the plan will provide strategies that can be used by Tribal governments to address these topics.

This plan will inform a second report to Congress. A draft of the safety plan is available for public review and comment until June 30, 2017. Comments can be provided by email to or during webinar presentations scheduled for June 15 and June 26. Information about the webinar opportunities and a copy of the draft safety plan can be found at:

For more information about tribal safety plans, please visit

The first report to Congress was released by the federal Highway Administration on May 24, 2017. “Tribal Governments and Safety Data is available at: This report to Congress contains several recommendations to help improve the quality and availability of safety data in Tribal areas. Improvements in the collection of traffic safety data would allow for tailored programs and projects aimed at reducing vehicular and pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. A major recommendation is for Tribal governments to conduct traffic records assessments to evaluate the benefits of improved crash data collection, sharing, and use (guidelines for conducting such assessments can be found in the National Cooperative Highway Research Project Report 788).


Roundabout Education ListServ Offers Peer to Peer Resources