When it’s Good to be Fenced In!

Social Media – the latest marketing tool for Road Diets

The Winter 2017 Issue of the Federal Highway Administration’s Safety Compass newsletter includes an article promoting Road Diets, one of the nine proven safety countermeasures. While the article explains the virtues of Road Diets, its primary goal is to encourage others to share their Road Diet success stories, thus further communicating the improved safety benefits they can result in.

FHWA is participating in a Road Diet “selfie” campaign, asking supporters to print out the hashtag (#RoadDiets), snap a selfie with the sign at their favorite Road Diet, and then post the photo on Facebook or Twitter with the #RoadDiets along with the location of the Road Diet (state or locality).

Please consider participating and helping to increase public awareness about Road Diet applications and helping move Road Diet use into standard agency practice across the United States.

We entered #RoadDiet on Twitter as a search, and sure enough, it returned a plethora of great tweets!

When it’s Good to be Fenced In!