It’s Not Always Clear What Happened Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Want to be an innovator? Interested in Safety?

Attention high school, community college, and college students! If you’re interested in engineering and roadway safety, there’s a “Traffic Control Device Challenge” competition currently being sponsored by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). This is the second year the competition is being held to recognize innovation and technology that could improveblog pic roadway safety through new ideas that address transportation infrastructure safety issues.

Submissions are required to be original design or modification of an industry-accepted design or product- that addresses a specific roadway safety problem. Three finalists will be selected for cash prizes and national media recognition.

For full information about the competition, please visit the ATSSA website. The application is accessible in a downloadable package.


The 2016 winners were:

1st Place ($1,500)

Title: Electronic Beacon to Guide Autonomous Vehicles through Work Zones

Student team: Owen Hitchcock, Kristin Kersavage, Lingyu Li, Xiao Liang, Xu Linblog pic2

Penn State University


2nd Place ($1,000)

Title: The New Generation Steering Wheel Cover

Student: Jelena Karapetrovic

New Mexico State University


3rd Place ($500)

Title: The Pima County Split-Face Marker

Student team: Garrett Anderson, Vincent Morello, Lindsey Willman

University of Arizona


It’s Not Always Clear What Happened Sharing the Road with Motorcycles