Safety Guide for Winter Travel

Proven Safety Countermeasures…List Updated by FHWA

The Federal Highway Administration began promoting tried and true infrastructure-oriented safety treatments and strategies in 2008 as their list of Proven Safety Countermeasures. That list was updated in 2012 and more recently, in 2017. Have you looked it over lately?


The current list now includes 20 potential solutions to address roadway departure, intersection, and pedestrian and bicycle crashes. If you’re agency is dealing with a safety issue that needs attention, please consider reviewing these countermeasures. They have already been tested for success and could be the key to improving safety in your jurisdiction.

This link will take you to FHWA’s dedicated Safety Countermeasures site, which has a complete inventory of the 20 countermeasures, including safety benefits and anticipated safety improvement that can be expected from implementation.

Safety Guide for Winter Travel