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Rural Road Safety Resources: 5 Great Sites for Funding

As rural road practitioners, we have been there before – without enough funds to make the safety improvements our roadways need. So, in the spirit of this giving season, we thought it would be nice to share some great websites that can help you access funding specifically for rural road systems. You’re welcome!

Rural Opportunities to Use Transportation for Economic Success (ROUTES)

This initiative is especially designed for rural and tribal communities. That’s right. If you are a rural practitioner and have challenges addressing issues with transportation safety, mobility, and economic development, this is a route to funding (see what we did there 😉) you can take. An update to the Rural Grant Applicant Toolkit is expected this month. Start here.  

Safe Streets and Roads for All

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has exactly what we need: the SS4A Grant Program. This $5 billion program funds rural initiatives that prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. We’re sure you have some ideas or projects in mind that could benefit from this program. The next NOFO is expected to drop Spring 2024. Get all the information ahead of time right here.

Tribal Transportation Program Safety Fund

The time to end traffic fatalities and injuries on Tribal lands is now. The TTP Safety Fund targets projects that boldly fight fatalities and serious injuries on Tribal lands. Are you a Tribal community? If not, pass this information on to a practitioner who is and help save lives now. The deadline to apply for the TTP Safety Fund is Jan. 15, 2024. All the deets are here.

Road to Zero Community Traffic Grants

In 2022, traffic fatalities hit the highest in a decade. Road to Zero Community Traffic Grants aim to change that trend (see a list of previous grant winners here). Essentially, the program pays practitioners to innovate within their road systems in a way that stops and then reverses the increase in fatalities. If you are committed to deploying practical, innovative solutions that incorporate the Safe System Approach, this grant program may be for you. Become a Road to Zero Coalition Member (it’s an eligibility requirement, membership is free of course) here. Applications opened Nov. 16!

High Risk Rural Road Program

Did you know?: Your State must set money aside to help you reduce fatalities on your high-risk rural roads (there is a whole formula that defines “high risk” that we’re not going to get into – basically if the fatality rate on certain rural roads increases over a 2-year period, they’re high-risk). Yep, there’s money obligated by your State to reduce fatalities on your high-risk rural roads. That’s the post. Learn more about pursuing that money here.


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