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Local Road Safety Plans


Interested in a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP)? They can also be known as Action Plans or Safety Action Plans (especially in the USDOT Safe Streets and Roads for All [SS4A] Grant Program).

LRSPs are proven to save lives, so we want to help you make yours.

Here’s a short video overview of LRSPs to get started.

Though we have several other resources to help (see below), the Federal Highway Administration has also created an LRSP Do-it-Yourself website. The site has tutorial videos, templates, and example LRSPs from other agencies – everything you need to develop a plan of your own.

Here’s an overview video of the LRSP DIY site.

Visit FHWA’s Local Road Safety Plan website.

Here are some other resources for your LRSP.

  • Local Road Safety Plan Template (Word file) | Download File
  • How to Start a Safety Action Plan Guide | View PDF
  • SS4A Action Plan Grant Fact Sheet | View PDF
  • SS4A Resources | View Webpage
  • 2022 SS4A Action Plan Grant Winners | View Webpage
  • Developing Regional/Local Road Safety Plans | Watch Video
  • A Handbook with Tips and Tools for Developing A Local Road Safety Plan for Your Community | Download PDF
  • Developing Safety Plans: A Manual for Local Rural Road Owners | View PDF

As always, feel free to contact us with questions!

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