National Center for Rural Road Safety

Local Road Safety Plans

A local road safety plan (LRSP) provides a framework for identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing roadway safety improvements on local roads. The LRSP development process and content are tailored to local issues and needs. The process results in a prioritized list of issues, risks, actions, and improvements that can be used to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on local roads. 

  • Developing Regional/Local Road Safety Plans (LRSPs) | Watch Video
  • A Handbook with Tips and Tools for Developing A Local Road Safety Plan for Your Community | Download PDF
  • FHWA’s LRSP DIY Site | Visit Website
  • Local Road Safety Plans | Watch Video
  • Developing Safety Plans: A Manual for Local Rural Road Owners | View PDF
  • How to start a Safety Action Plan Guide | View PDF
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