National Center for Rural Road Safety
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Safety Data Analysis

The last two decades have brought significant advancements in data-driven decision-making, including the development and refinement of numerous safety data and analysis tools. For many, this transition to data-driven decision-making represents a change in how they do business.

  • FHWA Crash Tree Diagram Tool | Click to download
  • Crash Data Summary Template | Click to download
  • Road Safety Audits (RSA) on Tribal Lands | Watch Video
  • Part 2: Road Safety Audits: What they are and how to get started | Watch Video
  • Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) Overview 2016 | Watch Video
  • FHWA’s Roadway Safety Data Program | Visit Website
  • Road Safety Information Analysis: A Manual for Local Rural Road Owners | View PDF
  • State Traffic Records Coordinating Committee Noteworthy Practices | View PDF
  • 3 Approaches to Address Severe Roadway Crashes | Watch Video
  • Federal and Tribal Lands Road Safety Audits: Case Studies | View PDF
  • Tribal Road Safety Audits: Case Studies | View PDF
  • Road Safety Audit Toolkit for Federal Land Management Agencies and Tribal Governments | View PDF
  • Tribal Crash Reporting Toolkit | Visit Website
  • FHWA’s Focused Approach to Safety Program | Visit Website
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