National Center for Rural Road Safety
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Training is just a click away

The National Center for Rural Road Safety is focused on assisting you with all of your training needs. From creating new programs to providing a consolidated list of trainings from multiple sources, you’ll find everything needed to get your area onto the road of safety.

Safe System Approach for Rural Roads

If we are going to end rural roadway deaths, we must take a holistic approach. The Safe System Approach is the way. See how.

Communicating with Non-Technical Audiences

You do great, but highly-technical work. That can be confusing for non-technical people. Here are some trainings and resources to help you out.

Road Safety Champion Certificate Program

Take this step-by-step course to be a true rural road safety expert. The program also has customized tracks for specific career fields.

National Center for Rural Road Safety


Research has proven that these countermeasures will reduce rural roadways deaths if implemented appropriately. Pick the ones that best suit your community.

Local Road Safety Plans

You know what they say – "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Local Road Safety Plans are proven to save lives on rural roads. Start yours here.

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