National Center for Rural Road Safety
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Rural Road Safety Awareness Week

The third week of July is Rural Road Safety Awareness Week (RRSAW). During RRSAW, the National Center for Rural Road Safety promotes topics that raise awareness around road safety in the rural context.

We call on transportation practitioners at every level of the industry to join hands with us to get the message out. Each year heralds in a different theme and every day of RRSAW is used to focus on an aspect of that theme.

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This effort has grown over the years from a social media campaign into a grassroots initiative. In addition to utilizing webinars, research reports, human interest articles, and trainings, we have instituted the use of customizable news releases and proclamations to further drive the effort to each locality.

And while this all is a lot of work; it is also a lot of fun! Our themes have ranged from superheroes to road trips. Each campaign comes with a set of campaign posters that are engaging by face value and, we hope, will strike a conversation about rural road safety wherever they are seen.

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