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Rural Road Safety Awareness Week 2021

Rural Road Safety Awareness Week

As a rural safety advocate, the Rural Safety Center uses its voice to raise national awareness of rural safety, share and disseminate critical information, and build coalitions of changemakers. To further our impact, we are proud to announce the second Rural Road Safety Awareness Week (RRSAW) to be held on July 19-23, 2021.


The purpose of RRSAW is to promote rural road safety to the public, community leaders, and potential partners by telling the “rural story.” The week is dedicated to highlighting actions to make a difference on the Rural Road to Zero fatalities and serious injuries.


The “rural story” will be told through the theme of “Live, Work, and Explore along the Rural Road to Zero” with daily focus on:

  • Monday: Safe Road Users
  • Tuesday: Safe Vehicles
  • Wednesday: Safe Speeds
  • Thursday: Safe Roads
  • Friday: Post-Crash Care

How to Get Involved

We hope you will join this effort and help us get the word out to your organization and networks. RRSAW is intended to be a social media driven campaign, so high levels of social media interaction will be the key to success for RRSAW. We encourage you to use your own social media platforms to extend the reach of RRSAW’s stories and messages:

  • First, please friend us on Facebook (@ruralroadsafety) and follow us on LinkedIn (@national-center-for-rural-road-safety) and Twitter (@ruralroadsafety) if you don’t already, so you will see our daily posts during the week of RRSAW.
  • Next, please share or repost our messages (or create original ones that highlight your own agency). We will be posting using hashtags #RuralRoadSafety and #RRSAW2021 and encourage you to use the same ones. (Consistent hashtags make it easier to find and track all of the activity that takes place.)
  • Interested in sharing your own posts? We’ve made it easy for you by putting together post options per daily theme! Just choose the post(s) per day that best matches your rural area, download the corresponding high resolution graphic, and add them to your agency’s social media feed. Don’t forget to use #RuralRoadSafety and #RRSAW2021!

Downloadable Materials For RRSAW 2021

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