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Road Safety Champion Program

What is the Road Safety Champion Program?

The Road Safety Champion Program (RSCP) is a nationally recognized certificate program designed to build a knowledgeable, safety minded workforce, responsible for operating, maintaining, and designing local roads. Road Safety Champions prioritize safety and are motivated to implement safety improvements that reduce fatalities and serious injuries on rural and local roadways.

Training participants will complete a series of courses in core and specialized safety issues. When all requirements are met, participants will be awarded a Road Safety Champion Program Certificate. (Note: the certificate is not a degree or professional certification.)

Who can participate in the program?

RSCP Core Modules GraphicThe RSCP is open to all staff from transportation, public health, and law enforcement agencies who have an interest in roadway safety but are not safety experts. Think of it as a “Roadway Safety 101” course.

What is involved in the program?

The RSCP includes core modules and career focused pathways:

  • The core modules provide an overall foundation of roadway safety knowledge through seven modules. All participants who take these modules will learn the basics they need to know.
  • The career focused pathways are based on your career field and provide more targeted information. Pick one of the four pathways, complete the modules, and voila – you’re a road safety champion!

Who can administer the program?

Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Program Centers (LTAP/TTAPs) are invited to administer all or part of the program. You may decide you would like to deliver individual modules, or the whole program – the choice is yours!
Modules may be used as-is, can be formatted for a general audience, or tailored to your local needs. If you are interested in being a host Center, please complete our registration form by clicking the button below. You’ll hear from us within two business days. And as always, if you have questions, email us at
Not for profit organizations providing professional development may also request the RSCP modules. If you are outside of the LTAP/TTAP network, please email Janet Leli, Training Manager, at for more information.

We will be delivering all Road Safety Champion Program modules on Tuesdays from 11 am – 1 pm ET starting August 13, 2024 (note that some will be given out of order due to trainer availability). Registration is now open on our training page >

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