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Sept. 19-23 is National Roundabouts Week!

National Roundabouts Week, held Sept. 19-23, 2022, is one of our favorite Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) observances. Why? Because we love safety.

Yes, roundabouts and safety go together – especially at rural intersections, where nearly 9 percent of all roadway deaths in the U.S. happen. Contrary to common myth, roundabouts are not dangerous. They save lives. In fact, people are less likely to be involved in a serious crash at a roundabout than many other intersection types.

While common intersections have 32 possible conflict points, roundabouts only have eight. Data show serious crash and injury are reduced by 87 percent after roundabouts are installed.

The rules of these circular installations typically can’t be missed on our rural roadways. Traffic flow is continuous as the design allows vehicles to yield to other vehicles instead of queuing at stoplights or four-way stops.

The flexibility of roundabouts doesn’t end there. Roundabouts can be designed with rural roadways in mind, considering the safety needs of large vehicles like farming equipment and oversized trucks.

Finally, roundabouts can be affordable to rural agencies. Mini- or compact roundabouts cost about a third of a full roundabout – depending on size, land, services, and traffic management during construction.

Thousands of deaths in the U.S. happen at rural intersections, but we can turn that number around – and roundabouts are one way to do it.

Join in on the discussion about roundabouts at the National Roundabouts Week website.


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