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Proven Safety Countermeasures

#RRSAW2022 Day 3: Proven Safety Countermeasures

Proven Safety Countermeasures | Rural Road Safety Awareness Week 2022 | National Center for Rural Road Safety

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They're here to save lives!

In a world where crash fatality is the archnemesis to rural roads safety, a team of countermeasures strike back and save rural roadways in a heroic way.

Proven Safety Countermeasures to the rescue!

Many, many countermeasures are available to Rurals to make their roads safer. For instance, the Federal Highway Administration has identified 28 countermeasures that reduce and prevent severe injury crashes and fatalities.

Most of the countermeasures are affordable for rural road stakeholders, easy to implement, and result in reduced crashes. Here are just a few that are relevant to Rurals:

  • Enhanced Delineation of Horizontal Curves: 60-percent reduction in fatal and injury crashes
  • Lighting: 28-percent reduction in nighttime injury crashes
  • Road Safety Audit: 10-60-percent reduction of total crashes
  • Pavement Friction Management: 48-percent reduction in injury crashes at horizontal curves
  • Local Road Safety Plans: 25-percent in fatalities in Minnesota and 17-percent reduction on county-owned roads in Washington State.

There are many others that are cost-efficient and advantageous for rural road stakeholders. With this team of countermeasures, all rural roads practitioners can be safe from serious injury and death. Day 4 of Rural Road Safety Awareness Week welcomes Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity for Rural Road Safety!



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