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Rural Road Safety Awareness Week 2023 | What's Speed Got to do with It?

#RRSAW2023 Day 4: Incorporating Speed into Your Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP)

RRSAW Incorporating Speed into Your LRSP

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Any road trip is incomplete without a map or a plan to get from one point to the next. Similarly, when considering safety on roadways, rural road practitioners need a plan – a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP).

The LRSP is a Federal Highway Administration proven safety countermeasure and has been shown to reduce fatal crashes from 17-25 percent. They are so effective that in some states, an LRSP is required for road improvement funding.

On rural roads, an LRSP provides a framework to apply treatments that address rural-specific speed concerns.

Our fourth destination introduces the LRSP within the context of incorporating speed on rural roadways.



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